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Riser Management

Multi-tenant facilities require a riser management system to extend telecom services from the provider’s entrance facility (minimum point of entry) to the individual tenant’s telecom room. A poorly managed and/or maintained riser management system results in a variety of problems, including:

• Varying cable pathways.
• Multiple vendors working in the same riser areas.
• Miles of abandoned cables as tenants relocate, expand, etc.
• Unorganized riser management systems can cause tenants inadvertent loss of service.
• Disorganized telecom and riser rooms.
• Voice and data cable pathways not installed to building code standards.
• Many other issues resulting in building owner expenses to repair.

Riser Management

Proper riser management systems are designed to keep multi-tenant building owners in charge of their communications infrastructure facilities and remove the headaches of multiple vendors in the facility, while at the same time determining the pathway(s) they use to extend service.

Agility Integration strongly recommends that common areas within a multi-tenant building, not leased to individual tenants, be maintained via a single contractor that reports to the building owner and/or management team.

Agility Integration will provide professional riser management for multi-tenant facilities of all sizes. Our detailed riser management plan will include:

• Coordination and planning with telecom service providers.
• Detailed and evolving audit of the riser management system outlining available communications between entrance facility and riser rooms as well as individual tenant telecom rooms.
• Secure telecom room and entrance facilities.
• Riser management systems designed and installed to support all forms of service provider products (T1, PRI, DS3, etc.).
• Complete inspection of existing riser management pathways.
• Detailed plans of entrance facility and individual riser rooms, maintained and updated as altered.
• Systematic installations of all service cabling, installed to code via common pathways.
• Reliable, knowledgeable and dedicated support staff for all riser management systems.
• Single source for tenant infrastructure services of telecom service and inside voice and data cabling for your tenant.
• Building standard operating procedures, designed and implemented.
• The riser management system will be kept up-to-date with industry advancements to provide the best service to your tenants.
• Discounted rates for tenants in riser managed facilities.


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