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Code blue! Warning! Lunch time! Mr. Smith please report to the front desk!
Mass Notification is just that, notify the masses of a particular event or need. Agility Integration has installed mass notification systems throughout the country including environments that are so loud that personnel are required to wear earplugs to the most challenging of historical buildings. Utilizing in-house, trained engineering staff, Agility Integration will design a system capable of exceeding all expectations.

Our mass notification systems have been deployed in:
• Offices
• Retail Stores
• Warehouses
• Manufacturing facilities
• Hospitals and healthcare facilities
• K-12 and higher education classrooms and campuses
• Government
• Aerospace
• And many more

Mass Notification provides added benefits including:
• Background music, muted during a notification
• Pre-set break, lunch and end of day notifications – automatically
• Pre-recorded messages initiated and repeated (things like emergency evacuation, fire drill, warning) are repeated for a set number of announcements or run continually until turned off


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