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IP SurveillanceAgility Integration designs and installs video solutions utilizing standard IP networks and Internet for transporting information. Transitioning from the limitations of coaxial cabling utilized in analog surveillance drastically increases the quality of the video obtained and makes it accessible to a variety of devices. The high definition video capabilities of megapixel cameras provide amazing overall situational awareness down to license plate and facial recognition.

Highlights of IP surveillance technology include cameras utilizing higher megapixel sensors to provide quality that results in sharper and more balanced picture quality. The system can be deployed utilizing existing structured cabling solutions and shared IT resources. Implementing an IP surveillance system future proofs the investment and can save customers thousands of dollars in insurance claims and inventory control. The solution can be viewed from multiple simultaneous desktops, smart phones and tablets via connected infrastructure solutions.

Benefits of IP surveillance technology include:
• High level megapixel camera solutions in +4K resolution
• Lower cost situational awareness solutions (720p)
• Visibility in low light environments
• Exterior solutions from wide angle down to license plate recognition in the same camera
• Multiple camera streams from the same camera (wide angle and multiple additional streams)
• On-camera storage as well as server and/or cloud based
• Tablet, smartphone and remote monitoring solutions via client
• Remote cameras via wireless, cellular and wired solutions
• Emergency call box solutions

Agility Integration is a certified systems partner with Avigilon and ExacqVision (a Tyco company). These solutions are deployed in a variety of facilities including hospitals, distribution centers, retail, stadiums and more.

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