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Structured Cabling

The most important part of any communication network, software or system is the structured cabling. If the physical structured cabling system is not designed, installed and managed properly, anything connected to it can be adversely affected. This includes data, voice, audio/visual, paging, wireless, etc. The importance of this is identical whether the client is a small office or a Fortune 100 company, the severity is the same.

At Agility Integration, we properly design and install structured cabling systems to meet the demands of all voice, data, audio/visual, wireless and security equipment needs. Our level of importance on the foundation of our client’s low voltage systems eliminate the physical cabling from any troubleshooting so it can be isolated to the equipment connected to the cabling. Any problems related to communications are related to the equipment plugged into the cabling and not the cabling.

The cost of installing a high performing structured cabling system represents the lowest cost portion of communication equipment in a facility and carries the highest return on investment of any information technology budget. A properly designed and installed structured cabling infrastructure will far outlast IT equipment and can be utilized to support a wide variety of communication equipment needs.


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