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Your company or organization has a message to broadcast, either to a room full of employees or clients or throughout a local campus or even via a hosted on-line presence. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity, Agility Integration will design the audio/visual system that meets your current needs and prepares you for future technological innovations.

It is far too common to have a meeting in a conference room and invite someone to make a presentation. Many questions come up regarding how the presentation can be achieved. Is there a projector or TV? What is the interface or cable type to the equipment? Will my system be compatible with yours? Well Agility Integration has a solution for this. Utilizing innovative technology, Agility Integration will deploy a solution that will seamlessly integrate with multiple projectors and TV’s via a local wireless network that will support Windows, Apple and Droid operating systems and can be connected to seamlessly via a laptop, tablet or even Smart Phone.

Additional audio/visual solutions include:
• Integrated conference room presentations
• Call center accounting displays
• Video conferencing solutions
• Digital signage
• Distributed A/V
• BYOD (bring your own device) capabilities


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