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One of the most important areas to power up in a facility is the data center. This area requires a consistently stable, protected and uninterruptable power source for electrical, cooling, lighting and all other related services. Powering up a data center doesn’t just refer to providing electrical to a room, it requires a complete understanding of current capacity as well as future growth for the room to protect the long term investment of the data center. The electrical capacity must be designed to support future technologies and expansion, not just the existing equipment that will be outdated in 3-5 years’ time. The electrical system should maintain the life of the structure and be designed with a growth capacity that will surpass the expected growth of the organization.
Agility Integration is well versed in all areas of electrical and communications.

Our capabilities include:
• Data center overall floor plan and design
• Emergency bypass
• Uninterruptable power source (UPS)
• Power distribution units (PDU) – traditional and network connected
• Grounding and bonding
• Firestop and suppression
• Leak detection systems
• Raised floor electrical distribution
• Sub panels, transformers and generators
• Conduit installation, support and mounting equipment
• Network equipment layout and installation
• Ladder rack mounting design and structure detail


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