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Data Centers

The lifeline for the electronic information of any business begins in the data center. Whether the requirement is a large scale data center spanning multiple racks via 40Gb fiber, 100Gb fiber or 10Gb copper along with a variety of integrated systems to a small single rack operation, the data center must be designed in the most efficient way possible for any business. From the initial design and layout, Agility provides a path for long term growth taking a variety of factors into consideration. Considering electrical and cooling needs not just immediately, but based on an estimated growth of the data center representative of the needs of the business, provides a scalable design well-suited to last and implement new technologies quickly and cost effectively.

Proper design of data centers incorporate a variety of factors, including:

• Initial construction requirements
• Outlining a potential growth path with costs associated
• Cable management and pathway consideration
• Infrastructure requirements, determining correct types of cable media required to obtain optimum results
• Electrical requirements, short-term and long term, designed to provide efficient operations, not just a high recurring bill for electrical services not totally required
• Cooling capacity for current and expanded needs – the more equipment that is added, the greater the cooling cheapest Deltasone and Deltasone
• Data center location within a facility – crucial in protecting the most valuable and ever-changing information in a facility
• Convert an ambient data center to a containment environment

Agility Integration can design industry leading data centers from the ground up, upgrading an existing data center or deploying a new data center in an existing facility.


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