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Agility Integration utilizes a variety of products and services to provide remote collaboration. Implementing collaborative solutions like Unified Communications, hosted or local Microsoft Exchange and remote connectivity options via dedicated connectivity or 3G/4G in a variety of applications requires a commitment to providing solutions not readily developed off the shelf. We have developed solutions for an extensive list of clients that include a variety of industry type, size, core of operations, physical location and custom requirements for communications.
Duplicating information real-time in multiple facilities provides additional access-anywhere as well redundancy and backup in the event of a facility issue. Deploying open file notifications allows multiple users to work off documents no matter where they are stored without working on un-saved documents.

• Innovation
• Network Security
• Network Connectivity
• Physical Infrastructure

Deploying remote collaboration solutions could include connecting remote offices or managing services providing voice, data, video and wireless communications. Agility Integration will develop the correct solution to fit the needs of any organization.


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